My Baby's Growin' Up

Well Princess Poopsi has wanted her ears pierced for so long so we finally said yes! It was her Easter present ; ) She was so brave & cute...

Before Earrings

Huggin' the Ear Pierce Bear

Gettin' Pierced

All done!

Diamonds are a girlz BFF

She got to pick a sticker & lollipop

She immediately went shopping for earrings


  1. What a big girl she is! I think Courtney was about her age when she got hers pierced.

    She looks so proud! :)

  2. Wow! Looks like she did a really good job. Kaylee keeps talking about doing it, but says she will wait til she is "braver".

  3. Mackenzie and Abby say welcome to the earring club!!!

  4. I remember a day like that not so long ago (3 years ago when my daughter was 5)...what a milestone.
    I stopped by because I was bored today and so I followed links to people who like 'Mercy Me'...stop in and visit back sometime...
    A fellow blogger from Canada.


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