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So we were at our prayer service last night. It was beautiful! Candles everywhere, great worship music, really feelin the Holy Spirit & we went into small groups to pray for our church family. We were praying aloud in a circle for specific things & it was very inspiring. We had gone around the circle on various topics & were praying on mission trips. I was praying for the Lord to set the volunteers hearts on fire & said...
"Lord I just pray that you set their farts on fire"?!
Yep, that's my prayer! Ya, that 's me prayin loud & proud!


  1. crack me up! Did you keep going or act like nothing happened??

  2. Ofcourse I cracked up & my hubby cracked up & CR & her hubby cracked up along w/AB??!! It was sooo hard to focus after that so it was a good thing we were winding up the prayer time. Anytime you need prayer just give me a call ; )

  3. That is hilarious!!!

    Once had a friend praying for our safety while we were on a tram and I could have sworn she prayed for a butt load of Jesus!! LOL

    She says she was praying for the blood of Jesus... sounded like butt load to me!

    It's so good you can laugh at yourself. So healthy! And, entertaining for the rest of us!

  4. I read this yesterday morning, and I was laughing so hard my kids were staring at me, then they ran over to the computer to see what was so funny. Then, late last night I was holding Charis on the couch (she was sick)... I started thinking about it again, and laughing outloud, keeping her awake.
    Made my day!
    ps. my husband started a blog "" Can I put that one on there?

  5. I am so glad I made you LOL not once but twice ; )
    Seriously, that blesses me!
    And yes hubby can put it on there as long as he gives me ALL the credit ; )
    Oh & I have a teen who is willing to blue tooth that ring to me so let me know when you & your phone are available ; )


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