Friday Flashback

In Honor of my 20th Renunion...

Notice I'm leanin' way far away from my date ; )


  1. So cute!!! Um how old were you there? Those sure look like migty refreshing cocktails!! ;) It just might be time fer ya to take another trip to Padre!

  2. awwwww these are great memories!

    And, we wouldn't be caught dead with a bow on our butt now! LOL

    Cute, cute!!

  3. I was 17 & they were "virgin" beverages ; )

    I had my prom dress made & yes it was suppossed to look like Madonna's dress in her Material Girl video??!!

  4. Look at you, you hot momma!!!lol I really think you should go to your reunion. Those pictures are great. I love the dress, very cute!

  5. I am 100% agreeing with mcallen...we need a Padre (or somewhere like that) trip!! Great pics!!

  6. All I have to say is Woo Woo!

    You Jenks girls didn't seem to get your bangs as high as us Putnam City gals. That's probably a good thing.

    Did you decide if you were going to your reunion or not? You better! I'm thinkin you need to wear that Madonna hot little number if you still have it ;-)

  7. I've been to S. Padre and to my recollection nothing rightous ever happened there. :)
    Good thing "Girls Gone Wild" wasn't around in those days huh?


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