Power of Praise!

Are you facing a struggle & you don't know what to do?
I just heard Beth Moore teaching on 2 Chronicles 20: 2-30.
Jehoshaphat was facing an attack & he did not know what to do so he reminded God of what He had done for his people. He asked the Lord what to do. Here's what God said (pay attention)...
"the battle is not yours, take up your positions & stand firm, do not be afraid, do not be discouraged, go out & face them tomorrow the LORD will be w/you."
Then you know what Jehoshaphat did? He & his army sang praise to God, "Give thanks to the Lord his love endures forever!". Of course you know they won their battle, received a lot of plunder (3 days worth) & they rejoiced by singing/playing harps, flutes. The Lord gave them peace by giving them rest on every side.
So here's a some key things Beth pointed out from this scripture...
Power of Praise - Praise becomes a weapon in Warfare
1. Change what you're saying.
2. Change how you're saying it.
3. Change when you say it.
God wants you to be victorious! He's our Father, so what do you do when your child throws a fit? You tell them calm down & come speak to me when you have some self control. Our Father created us in His image, He asks the same things. He never leaves us, He asks that we come to Him. In verse 20:3 - Jes resolved to inquire of the Lord. We need that same resolve ; )
1. Bring your complaints (yes Beth said complaints) to God.
2. Gather a group to pray. This doesn't mean gather a group of your girlfriends & vent, gossip,
whine. It means go to your trusted prayer warriors & go to God in prayer over the struggle.
3. Turn the complaint into praise.
"We are going to most believe what we most rehearse" - Beth Moore
The more we talk about it the worse it is.

God doesn't call us to this, stop rehearsing defeat 'cause the battle is God's.
Get intentional w/your praise. Blessings my friends : )


  1. That is such a good message. I'm right there with you. I pray for wisdom in what I say to others in all aspects of my life including what to say to my children, family and friends. Some days I do better than others. LOL It is something I work on everyday. :)

  2. Love this blog. Great things to remember everyday too! I will visit often to be uplifted with your words. :)

  3. that is a great word from beth, one that I am having to walk out daily right now...glad to be reading again :)

  4. Thank you. You, JL, bless me more than you know. I was just reading 2 Chron (seriously, JUST NOW) and your (and Beths) words gave me new insight.

  5. I just LOVE it when God reaffirms a message He wants us to hear!!!
    Your comment gave me goosebumps! Isn't it cool when the Lord uses T.V., blogs & friends to teach His word?! Thanks for sharin' 'cause YOU blessed me : )


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