Clyde Clifford 1997-2008

Our beloved companion, Clyde, went to heaven this afternoon. I love that dog! His bright brown eyes & pink nose. He was so sweet. Clyde came to live with us through an open adoption from my sister. He flew home w/me after Christmas. He was the laziest lab you'd ever meet. Seriously, he would fetch a few times then look at you as if to say, "Are you done?!".
He would only walk on the leash to the corner then sit down refusing to walk any further.

Christmas 2003
Clyde never went to bed without me. On late nights he would sit beside me & if it got too late he would sigh & look at me. I'd say "I'm hurrying old man!" ; )
We are better to have known him. He was a sweet, sweet dog. Although the Bible does not definitively state that dogs go to Heaven I am believing we will be reunited with Clyde one day.
When we moved to our current home he discovered a lovely pond across from our back pasture & he would "sneak" over to take a dip. I know he is loving Heaven with it's huge, green pastures & beautiful, blue ponds!

August 2008
Psalm 6:6, Romans 8:26-27, Job 16:20


  1. I am sorry! He seemed like a wonderful dog.

  2. I'm sitting here crying with you because I KNOW you are crying writing this.

    I'm so sorry. And, I do believe you'll be reunited one day with him in heaven.

  3. We lost our dog 4 years ago and it was very hard so I know what your going through. We just go us another one 8 months ago and the kids are already in love with this dog. I'm so sorry to hear about your beloved pet.

  4. We, too, lost a loving companion last week. I love the stories of your dog. And we choose to believe God's got a special spot for them too. Such gentle spirits. I found you through the Queen Bee :)

  5. He really was a sweet, gentle dog. You were lucky to have him as your friend. I said a prayer for you today and I will share in carrying your sorrow. Hand some over, girl!

  6. I'm sorry too Jen.

    I hate that for you guys.

  7. oh friend, I am so sorry for your loss. I'm sorry I couldn't spend more time with you tonight at church. I'll call you tomorrow.

  8. So sorry to hear about Clyde! He will always be remembered as a special part of your family!

  9. Oh, Jen I am so sad to hear about your sweet lab. Our yellow lab, Bailey is probably hanging out with Clyde in the ponds in heaven! She loved to sneak off and swim too!!


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