What's Your Style?

I found this fun quiz to find our your decorating style at How About Orange.
My style is "comfy country"?! That doesn't sound too posh, however w/4 lil monkeys jumpin round my furnishings can't be posh right now! I just like to be sure our home is warm, welcoming even though it is lovingly lived in : ) Go take the quiz & let me know what your style!


  1. Mine was classic country. I tend to agree with it although I didn't really care for any of the looks they put together. I liked the office and dining look but the others looked too modern to be considered classic country to me.

    That was fun. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey took the quiz and I was Modern country -- I love the cozy style.

  3. Hum, seems I'm "Home Queen" described as sexy and sophisticated. Good thing they told me what Home Queen meant.

    I think I'd be more likely to describe myself as..."used to be sexy and wished I was sophisticated."

    Does that just make me a poser? Yep, my style must be "Poser"

  4. I am a Duchess of Distinction. yea, well, what can i say? It did say that my house "exudes a predominatly masculine feel, but is nonetheless comfortable, with an air of maturity." When I looked at the living room tab it said "Playboy, gent, aestete - your living room is a shrine to bachelorism." WHAT?

    Thanks J! That was fun!

  5. Love this!!

    My style is "Home Coming Queen" bwahahaha

    Too fun!!!


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