Winning by Default...

is still just as sweet!!!
I won the cool Promomcouture tee giveaway that I posted Aug. 12th from Momville!!!

I really never win anything, seriously, NEVER!
I guess the first girl who won never responded so there was a "redraw" & my number came up. Yee-Haw!
Listen girls, I'll be a gracious winner & try not to wear my cute new tees around too much ; )
Go check out Momville for more fun giveaways, she ROCKS!!!


  1. aghhh... you lucky dog! I love that shirt. I NEVER win anything either.. and when I say NEVER, I mean it. You, on the other hand, may not say that anymore. :)

  2. I Guess I will let you have the shirt since I won the glasses. Congrats on your win. But, I still want one of those shirts.

  3. Dadgumit!! I knew I should have repsonded quicker when they said I'd won. LOL J/K

    Congrats girlie. It is a darling little tee!

    One of these days I'm bound to win something from the contests I've entered!

  4. How do we order one??? They are so cute!


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