Set Me Free

Happy Monday to You!

Musical Monday

I want to be set free. Free from the darkness. Free from the parasite. Free from the chains holding me. Is anyone out there hearing me? Set me free. The darkness can not hide. Do you wanna be free? Someone holds the key to the chains holding you. Do you wanna be free? Lift your chains, He holds the key. I'm lifting my chains. Less of me, more of you. I wanna be free.

I'm free. Are you?


  1. Ooh, I like his voice--all raspy and gravelly. Cool song!

  2. Praise God! Yes I am FREE!!

  3. I love this song! Can you believe 102.3 is not on the air anymore, well at least the music isn't. I loved listening to it while taking Eli to preschool.

  4. Hey letting everyone know I'm back -- I have been so busy with school and the new puppy!


  5. thank you for sharing that. love it. have a great week.

  6. Praise The Lord.....
    Love me some Casting Crowns!!
    Have a blessed day friend!


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