Seasonal Depression

Do you believe in seasonal depression? I'm in a funk. You know you have those days where you are down, you just can't get it together & life is just grey. I feel just like the sky outside; hazy, cloudy, gloomy.
I could go to sleep & stay there for a few days.
So is it seasonal, weather related? Can the weather actually affect our moods?
I'm not sure. I do know I've been going, going, going & just feel like I'm very tired.
When my emotions get this "funky" I try to reflect on my life. What is going on during this time? Is there something God wants me to deal with in my life? Or is this a matter of circumstances and it will pass as quickly as it appeared? I believe we should go deeper into the darkness so that we know the light.
"For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds, says the Lord." -
 Jeremiah 30:17
So eating my favorite junk food, laying around in my pjs and watching Lifetime movies doesn't really help much. I do find reading encouraging books, scripture, prayer and listening to inspiring music does help. Talking and hanging out with girl friends also encourages me. My hubby tries to encourage me, however he doesn't really get it so this is one situation where I go outside of my family for inspiration.

How do you beat the Spring Blah's? What is your favorite way to improve your mood? 


  1. Sunshine, exercise, the elements, food and yes, booze.

    I fix my mind by way of the body.

  2. Jammies all day and Lifetime movies are the best way for me to cope with those days sometimes. Spring is near has become my mantra. But living in the midwest, it's hard to believe.

  3. Hello Friend....
    You better not get down cause I just dropped ya a card in the mail:)


  4. I definitely get the seasonal blues. Mostly in January. It's a combination of the weather, and the fact that the holidays are over. I had them so bad this past January, I had days where I was not sure if I could pick myself up off the floor. Somehow God got me through it, along with family and friends.

    I have found that even when I am so down and think I can't move, if I get up, get a shower, get out of the much as I think that is helps!!

    I hope you are ok. Sending prayers your way!

  5. Doesn't LBB live in Arizona? They have sunshine every day.
    I think there's nothing wrong with a day covered in your snuggie while reading a good book. After a crappy few days this week, I did get a great boost from bible study this morning. Didn't want to go but OH SO GLAD I DID!
    Sometimes we just need to hit the reset button and get refocused.

  6. I get in a funk when it's yucky outside too, I don't wanna do anything but lay around and read or watch TV and eat anything chocolate! Get happy soon, the sun is coming out this least I think it is.


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