In Your Neck of The Woods - Insecure Spiders

So seriously my life is so glamorous.
I feel bad sharing these pics with you because 
I don't want to make you feel bad.
I hope you enjoy a lil view of my neck of the woods...

So my laptop has insecurity issues.
She didn't want me to show this to you, 
but I felt I must.

Did you know that when those spiders call across your head 
at night if they hit your hair line it causes them to be aggressive?
Yes. It's true. Spiders have insecurity issues like my laptop.
They don't know what hair follicles are so
they go on the defense & bite.
Sweet dreams!

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  1. I am sorry that your laptop is insecure. Have you though about counseling from Geek Squad? Maybe that isnt her type and she would prefer counseling from a hot actor who PLAYS a geek like Justin Timberlake.

  2. Yikes! I'm glad I married an exterminator and parented a geek! I'm relatively protected from spiders of all varieties!

  3. Ouch. Man, that looks painful.

    Hope you heal quickly, Six.

  4. Crud. Just saw my typo. When spiders CRAWL across your head at night...
    Call just doesn't cut it.


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