5 Tips to Stay Focused this Holiday Season

This pic posted by our photographer put things in focus for me this holiday season.
I have a million things going on this season, I'm sure you do too. And like you, I'm trying
to keep my focus on what is important for myself & my family. I realize the presents under the tree, making sure our family has all the right invites or the perfect outfit for NYE is NOT what it's all about.
Here are five tips that may help keep priorities in focus & stress away during this time of year:

1. Sleep. Are you a night owl by nature? Me too. If I'm not careful I find myself still going at 2    
    am. We must strive for 8 hours of sleep per night. Start winding down by 9p. Lower lighting. Stop
    electronics by 10p. Diffuse Lavender essential oil or place a few drops on your pillow.

2. Limit Sugar/Alcohol. It's too easy during the holiday season to over indulge.
    When we do, it throws our body into a stress mess. Drink plenty of water, hit the veggie tray first
     & stick with protein vs. carbs. When you drink alcohol, limit the sugary mixers & juices. Sugar
    effects more than your waistline. It effects your mood, skin, hair & digestive system.

3. Remember the reason for the holidays.
    Keep in mind that the holiday season is about love, giving, celebrating. This should be a joyful
    time of year. A crazy, stressful holiday season is a choice.
    Focus on love, physical & spiritual health vs. materials things & perfection.

4. Serve. 
    Go out & give your time to a local food bank, church, shelter or organization. What are you
    passionate about in your life? Find a non-profit that aligns with those passions & give them your
    time/talents. Once you go beyond yourself & help others you are able to focus on what this season
    & life is all about. Gratitude. Love. Hope.

5. Plan Downtime.
    While you are scheduling every party, bow & cake, make sure you schedule some
    downtime. Give yourself time to sit & watch a favorite holiday movie while laying on the couch.
    It's important to rest & relax during this busy season.

May the spirit of the season bring you peace,
The gladness of the season give your hope,
The warmth of the season grant you love.


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