20 for 2020

A friend reminded me that we have 45 days until the new year. That number gives me pause. I'm not ready for Thanksgiving let alone 2020.
The new year has a lot in store for me & my family. I have a son graduating high school. A daughter driving. A new career move. With all this going on I wanted to be sure to set some goals, create some space and put down some fun things for the year. Last year I made a "19 for 2019" so this year I'm going for 20. I didn't reach my 19, YET. I still have 45 days. I have two things left on my list - I'm going to make it happen.
According to studies, giving makes you happier and provides meaning to your life. My gift to you is a free printable for your "20 for 2020" goals. I hope you share your new year's goals and tag me. I would love to hear your ideas for inspiration. It is much more fun when we go through this life together. Remember, life is a work in progress. Don't feel like you have to complete all 20 now. Make this a working document for the new year. Make it fun! Last year I used stickers, colored markers and maybe even a little glitter to create my list. I'll share my printable once I begin completing the boxes.
Cheers to 2020! If you use the printable be sure to share your list & use the hashtag #20for2020.
Let's make it an awesome year!


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